Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

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Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

Berichtdoor jacquesjvv » 22 Aug 2010, 12:58

Forgive me having to post this in English but you will probably laugh at my Dutch. I have this one question at present:

Officier vlieger der tweede klasse (Lt.) Johannes Vonk of the Royal Air Force No. 321 Squadron (Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service) was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on October 29th 1943. Could this be for his attack on U-178 off the South African coast five months earlier? Vonk was also awarded the "Vliegerkruis" on August 3 1944. Can anyone tell me more about this decorations and citation details?
Looking forward to any information that you might have.
Jacques Jansen van Vuuren

jan viotta
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Re: Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

Berichtdoor jan viotta » 22 Aug 2010, 13:09


from the book "Het Vliegerkruis" (Meijer/Vis), Vonk was awarded his Vliegerkruis for 90 operational flights (1220 hrs) over NOI/Ceylon/South Africa/South Arabia

I have no details on his DFC award but that can probably be found on the internet, or else contact the NIMH (Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie) in The Hague

hope this helps,

Jan Viotta
Verzamelaar Nederlandse Militaire Luchtvaart

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Re: Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

Berichtdoor jacquesjvv » 22 Aug 2010, 15:22

Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply. :D

Wilco Ver.
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Re: Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

Berichtdoor Wilco Ver. » 30 Sep 2010, 13:27

on his DFC I have only
Officier vlieger der 2 de Klasse.
Unit: KMR R.A.F.no.321 (R.D.N.A.S.) Squadron
Awarded on: October 29th, 1943

So unfortunately also nothing more, in The London Gazettes I have not been able to find him, neither with the records held by the National Archives (who have many of the recommendations).

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Re: Vliegerkruis - J. Vonk

Berichtdoor ErikMuller » 30 Sep 2010, 17:04

Only one honorary DFC was published (Thorbecke). This was because he held the British nationality at that time. Awards to non-Commonwealth were never published in the London Gazette.

Appearantly the citation of his DFC is somewhere in AIR 2 at the National Archives, but I also haven't been able to find it. Last time I went to London I only worked through 10% of the documents in that file (sorry, can't find the correct number at the moment).

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