Collectie Martin

In dit onderdeel kunnen leden hun collectie laten zien. Ook manieren om collectie's te beheren of te bewaren kunnen hier besproken worden.
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Collectie Martin

Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 25 Mei 2008, 12:40

Hier mijn collectie van medailles. Het zijn geen Nederlandse onderscheidingen maar ik gok dat er hier wel mensen zijn die er in geintresseerd zijn :wink:

Ik post hier alleen de setjes die ik heb, de losse medailles die ik heb zal ik wel eens in 1 overzicht foto plaatsen.
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Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

Name: Thomas Edward Kneller
Rank: Rifleman
Unit: 1st Bn. Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, R.C.I.C.
Service no.: B/65783
KIA: 10th August 1944 at Grainville-Langannerie, aged 23
Grave: Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, France. Plot 11, row D, grave 6

Born: 10th December 1921 in Mimico, Ontario, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Origin: Father is North-American, mother native Indian
Son of: Albert Edward Kneller and of Gertrude Josephine Kneller (nee Gibson)
Family: 2 brothers (John-Anthony, David) 3 sisters (Mary, Ruth, Eleanor)
Education: High school (left at age 16)

Born 10th December 1921 in Mimico, Ontario, Canada
Finished high school in 1938
Worked as a farmer from 1938 till 1940 (Tobacco farm)
Worked as a bricklayer apprentice from June to September 1940
Worked as grocery delivery from August 1940 to May 1941
Worked as a C.N.R. Oiler from May 1941 to July 1942 (Railroad)

Military History:
Enlisted 3rd battalion QOR 2nd July 1942 (Enlisted in Toronto, Ontario)
Finished basic inf. training on 2nd November 1942
Finished advanced inf. training on 28th December 1942
Departed to England in 29th December 1942
Arrived in England January 1943
Embarked to France 2nd June 1944 with 1st bn. QOR
Arrived in France (Sword beach) on 6th June 1944 (D-Day)

KIA by sniper in Grainville-Langannerie, France, on 10th August 1944
Burried at Mondeville, plot 4, row B grave 6 on 16 august 1944
Reburried at Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, on 1st February 1945

1939-1945 star (Awarded 26th July 1946)
France and Germany star (Awarded 26th July 1946)
Defence Medal (Awarded 26th July 1946)
CVSM + clasp (Awarded 15th January 1944)
1939-1945 war medal (Awarded 26th July 1946)
George VI Memorial Cross

Queen’s Own Rifles Regimental Diary village of Grainville-Langannerie, 10th August 1944

0500 Jerry started his shelling very early this morning.

0900 Breakfast. Weather clear and warm

1000 “A” Coy getting accurately shelled casualties light so far

1700 This town is really a hot spot and there has been shelling off and all day. Some casualties Suffered.

1730 “O” Group and details of coming attack gone over with coy commanders

2000 H hour and the arty laid down quite a barrage. “B” Coy was the assault Coy and two of the leading sections got into the town without a shot fired on them. No sooner were they were in the town then jerry tanks got behind them and cut them off. Task table Arty. “A” Coy advanced across field under low angle shelling 88’s mixed with mortars 100 Yards from the start line. Coy game under heavy fire from automatic weapons. The advance kept on and the enemy retired leaving some equipment. In the hedge some snipers had remained after our men had gone trough, They fired at our boys back. 9th Platoon on the right followed by 7th platoon went trough second hedge, about 300 Yards to the right two scout cars and a Tiger tank pinned them down on a forward slope. They were in the field and every time the grain moved it was fired on. On the left 8th Platoon came under very heavy fire off all types, but continued their advance trough the hedge. At this time “B” Coy 200 Yards to the left and rear, were stopped completely. Message was send back saying the Coy needed support from tank and arty. Coy stayed where there were until dark and withdrew to regroup for another assault.

0100 Moved back to own area. Considering the heavy fire the casualties were very light. One killed, 7 wounded, One missing. The senior NCO’s did a exceptionally good job in controlling the Platoons.

2000 “B” Coy H hour, “B” Coy starting advancing. The axis of advance was along road. After advance of 500 Yards they bore left. There were tanks firing from a unknown source and Major Mills the Coy Commander was wounded. Snipers and MG fire were firing from the woods on the right. When the Coy arrived at the woods the swung over to the right and Cpl Baistow became separate from the Coy. He ran into some enemy- killing two and take six POW. There was plenty of snipping and automatic weapons firing in the woods. 88’s and mortars started firing when the Coy were 150 Yards from the woods screening, in the woods prevented communications. There was Approx 4 tanks in woods. 12th Platoon as told as by Cpl Tessier – We followed barrage closely and waited at the edge of the woods until barrage lifted. Two Platoons got forward but 12th Platoon was pinned down in a wheat field until dark. We made our way back to the road were we met Major Cottrill who put us in positions to meet possible counter attack. As told by Sergeant Suddes – 10 Platoon. We got in the woods and in some buildings, there were snipers and MG’s firing constantly. Camouflaged tanks waited until we got in the woods and then cut us off. At this point Cpl Zamaria did a outstanding job of keeping morale of the boys up and preventing them from becoming disorganized. We were helped out by a Platoon of North Shore Regiment and Lt Robertson of “C” Coy NSR organized a “do or die” attack. When the rest of us were pinned down he wend forward on a reece. How he stayed alive is a miracle. His assisted us greatly in getting out our wounded plus remainder of Coy.

2000 H hour – “C” Coy Advanced 13th Platoon Right and 14th Platoon left, 15th Platoon in reserve. All went well until Coy reached crest of slope then enemy tanks opened fire up. 14th Platoon seemed to get all of the most of it as they were on slightly higher ground. 13th Platoon with Coy HQ close behind kept on going under small arms fire. Then guns wung over to 13th Platoon and MG fire increased. 13th Platoon Coy HQ and 15th Platoon were pinned on the ground. Captain Martin Coy CO was wounded and signaller was killed by shrapnel. Forward section of 13th platoon reached hedge but could go no further due the heavy firing. This section could see some of the enemy tanks and sniped the personnel. By this time all Platoon officers were casualties. Rifleman Kneller of 15th Platoon had taken over his Platoon and was trying to organize the remainder of Coy. He was told to get down and protect himself, but he kept running all over the place under very heavy fire trying to get the men together. He was still doing this when he was killed. As soon as darkness set in the men who were able to got out in ones or two’s. Stretcher bearers went out later for casualties.
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Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

Name: Thomas James Ross
Rank: Battery Sergeant Major
Unit: 3rd Anti-Tank regt. RCA
Service no.: E-21803

Born: 14-8-1915
Nationality: Canadian
Family: Vera Winnifred-Ross (Wife)

-35-45 star
-France-germany star
-Defence medal
-39-45 war medal
-Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal - 1953
-Efficiency medal

Born 14-8-1915
5-3-1937 RSA
Enlisted 26-8-1939 (age 24) at the rank of Sgt
24-5-1940 worked as instructor
7-1940 CSAS AI Wing Q.2
7-1940 CSAS Sgt
20-8-1940 married vera
26-8-1941 awarded 1-year service chevron
14-5-1942 A/T cource 127 Cat 'B'
26-8-1942 awarded 2-year service chevron
26-8-1943 awarded 3-year service chevron
28-9-1943 promoted to A/BSM
28-12-1943 promoted to BSM
15-1-1944 awarded CVSM + clasp
20-8-1945 entitled to 1939-1945 star

3rd Anti-Tank Regt. RCA facts:
Divisional Troops commanded by Maj.-Gen. Rodney Keller
Date of Mobilization: 24 May 40
Landed Juno Beach (3rd Anti-Tank Regt. RCA. )
Assignments/Employment: 3rd Canadian Infantry Division (Oct 41, UK - Jun 44, NWE)
Disbanded: 14 Nov 45
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Afbeelding AfbeeldingAfbeelding Afbeelding

Name: Vincent Albert Moore
Rank: Sgt.
Unit: Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
Service no.: M/51061
KIA: KIA 30th March 1945, aged 29 (Netterden)
Grave: Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands. Plot 19, row D, grave 14

Born: 15th April 1915 (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Nationality: Canadian
Son of: William Stevenson Moore and Bertha Mary Moore

Units served with:
1931 till 1932 Calgary Highlanders (M475270) 2nd Battalion
1940 until 15th May 1942 Calgary Highlanders (M475270) 2nd Battalion
15th May 1942 31st Alberta Reconnaissance Regiment (#13D)
Attached to Le Régiment de Hull (A Reserve unit within the Royal Canadian Armour Corps)
3rd May 1943 till 17th May 1943 The Canadian Fusiliers
1st September 1943 till 15th October 1943 25th Field Regiment RCA
13th November 1943 – 6th April 1944 Mountain Warfare School as Instructor
8th November 1944 Rocky Mountain Rangers
23rd December 1944 RifCoy Sgts
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada

Enlisted in 1940
12th July 1942 - 19th July 1942 Acting Sergeant Alberta Recce
24th November 1943 CVSM Awarded
17th march 1943 promoted to Sergeant
15th October 1944 sent overseas
20th October 1944 arrived in the UK
22th October 1944 Windsor Transit Camp
19th December 1944 awarded overseas clasp to CVSM
Embarked in the UK 23rd February 1945
Disembarked in North West Europe 24th February 1945
KIA 30th March 1945
30th March 1945 awarded 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, 1939-45 War Medal, CVSM+Clasp

5th December 1942 Battle Drill Course
5th March 1943 PT Course
6th April 1944 Mountain Warfare School, Terrace B.C., Canada, qualified “D”
27th July 1944 Classified driver tracked vehicles class III

Report 19 Historical section army headquarters 5 nov 1948

30-3-1945 Netterden: "bitter fighting ensued on the streets." The fierce local battle produced 130 prisoners, including two officers, but cost the Camerons four killed (including the adjudant) and ten wounded.

31-3-1945 Netterden: It was about the stiffest resistance encountered this side of the river Rhine."

In total, 9 Cameron's lost their lives in Netterden. 4 were KIA during the fighting and 5 died as a result of wounds.

Pte Thomas 30-03-45 kia Netterden. Groesbeek 19-D-8
Pte Oberg 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-9
Pte Bozak 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-11
L/Sgt Speziali 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-12
Pte Lissoway 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-13
Sgt Moore 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-14
Pte Younes 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek: 19-D-15
Pte MacFie 30-03-1945 kia Netterden. Groesbeek:19-D-16
Capt Glossop 30-03-1945 kia Netterden (Killed by Mortar fire at HQ). Groesbeek: 19-B-5

Pte Kohlruss 31-03-45 kia Etten. Groesbeek:19-D-5

These 10 soldiers were burried in field graves in Meghelen. In 1946 their remains were excavated and laid to rest in Groesbeek.

Pte Prow 30-03-1945 was kia in Netterden. He is burried in Holten 10-H-1
Prow was burried in a fieldgrave in Netterden before his remains were relocated to Holten.

In total The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada lost 11 men in the border area near Gendringen/Netterden.

Dit is een apart verhaal. In tegenstelling tot het meerendeel van de Canadese militairen heeft Moore geen Defence Medal ontvangen. De reden hiervan is dat hij pas later in de oorlog naar Engeland is verscheept waar hij aansluitend maar kort heeft verbleven. Deze periode was te kort om in aanmerking te komen voor de DM. Voor de oorlog heeft Moore reeds bij de Calgary Highlanders gediend. Toen de oorlog uitbrak is hij opnieuw in dienst getreden en heeft hij bij verschillende eenheden gediend alvorens hij bij een zogenaamd RifCoy (Reinforcement Company) voor onderofficieren is geplaatst. De mensen uit deze eenheid vulde andere eenheden aan als er slachtoffers waren.

Bij de groep zitten tevens een aantal foto's van Moore (oa. met vrouw), mapje van de birks bar en de copieen van zijn service record.
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Afbeelding Afbeelding

Name: John Norman Evans
Rank: Sapper
Unit: Royal Canadian Engineers (RCE)
Service no.: B16798

Born: 22-3-1918
Nationality: Canadian

22-3-1918 geboren te Toronto (Ont.)
25-7-1940 t/m 18-7-1941 als Prv. gediend bij het 3e bataljon, Irish Regiment of Canada.
14-7-1941 aangemeld voor RCE
18-7-1941 t/m 9-12-1941 recruits course gevolgd
Tot 11-5-1943 als 'concretor' gediend (iets met beton stortingen)
16-6-1943 special basic training afgerond (waarschijnlijk ter voorbereiding op uitzending)
Eind 1943 naar Engeland verscheept
Op 5-7-1944 vanuit Engeland vertrokken
Op 9-7-1944 in Frankrijk aangekomen
In Frankrijk, België en Nederland gediend
Op 18-1-1946 uit actieve dienst ontslagen (Leeftijd 27)

14-7-1942: 1 year service chevron
14-2-1943: good conduct chevron
14-7-1943: 2 year service chevron
15-1-1944: Canadian Volunteer Service Medal + Overseas Clasp
14-7-1944: 3 year service chevron

Dit setje (+ 2 foto's) overgenomen van Theresa, de dochter van Evans. Zij heeft geen kinderen en heeft zo niemand om de medailles aan door te geven. De foto's zijn in 1945 genomen bij een fotograaf in Nijmegen.
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Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 25 Mei 2008, 14:07

En wat diverse losse zaken:

Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

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Berichtdoor Henk-Willem » 25 Mei 2008, 17:20

indrukwekkende setjes!

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Berichtdoor Edwin » 26 Mei 2008, 09:10

ziet er zeer leuk uit Martin zo met de geschiedenis erbij, vindt ik zelf ook het leukste, proficiat.
groeten Edwin, voor vragen of bezichtiging van mijn collectie 072 5039201 na 18.00 uur en in het weekend na 10.00 uur.

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Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 29 Jun 2008, 21:15

Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

Nu hoor ik er ook een beetje bij. Afgelopen weekend op een beurs gekocht :wink:

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Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 29 Jun 2008, 21:48

Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding Afbeelding

Name: Duane Morris Hubbard
Rank: Corporal
Unit: Loyal Edmonton Regiment, R.C.I.C.
Service no.: M/105703
KIA: 12th April 1945 at Lochem, aged 35
Grave: Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Holland. Plot 2, row H, grave 11

Born: 20th August 1909, Alexandria, Nebraska, USA
Nationality: Canadian
Origin: American
Son of: Frederick Edison Hubbard (Salesman) & Belle Beatrice Hubbard*
Family: Duane Lee Hubbard (Nephew)
Sgt. T’reel H. Hubbard (U.S.M.C.) (Brother)
Education: 4 years High School

Born 10th December 1921 in Mimico, Ontario, Canada
Finished high school in 1938
Worked in the Northern Alberta Railways for 14 years (Bridge and Building gang)
Married Maria Kwasniko nee Krawchuk 17-2-1938
Divorced wife in May 1943**

Military History:
Enlisted 6th January 1943 at Edmonton
Appointed Acting Lance Corporal 16-2-1943
Appointed Acting Corporal 1-9-1943
Relinquish rank of Acting Corporal 1-12-1943 (Back to Pte.)
Appointed Acting Corporal 22-4-1944
Embarked in Canada 18-6-1944
Disembarked in UK 24-6-1944
Appointed Acting Lance Corporal 3-7-1944
Embarked in UK 14-7-1944
Disembarked in Italy 29-7-1944 and added to Loyal Edmonton Regiment
Appointed Lance Corporal 14-10-1944
Embarked in France 14-1-1945
Disembarked in France (Marseilles) 16-1-1945

Wounded by mortar on 11th/12th April 1945 somewhere in the IJssel area of Zutphen.
Died as a result of traumatic amputation of left leg in Canadian Military hospital in Lochem on 12-4-1945.
Buried at Lochem Communal Cemetery, plot allied, row C grave 10.
Reburied at Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Holland. Plot 2, row H, grave 11.

1939-1945 star
Italy Star
France and Germany star
Defense Medal
CVSM + clasp
1939-1945 war medal
George VI Memorial Cross/Birks Memorial Bar

*His parents are divorced in 1928. The address of his father is unknown. Hs mother lived in Hebron, Nebraska, USA during the war.

**She had an affair with Mr. Leo Savage. On 13-2-1936 she divorced from Alex Kwasniko which she married on 2-9-1924. The divorce was due to adultery.

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Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 29 Jun 2008, 21:49

Bovenstaand setje dit weekend ontvangen. Een mooi setje van een persoon met een interessante achtergrond en historie. Deze man is niet zo heel ver bij mij vandaag gewond geraakt en overleden op 12 april (de dag dat ik jarig ben). Al met al een mooie aanwinst. 8)

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Berichtdoor Bram » 30 Jun 2008, 09:36


Martin, ik zie dat je sommige setjes in donkere 'cassettes' hebt zitten. Ziet er erg degelijk en goed uit. Koop je deze in NL of hoe of wat?

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Berichtdoor Martin-NL » 30 Jun 2008, 17:27

Ik heb ooit een keer een hele partij van deze kistjes opgekocht. Ik meen dat ik nu nog een groene en twee bordeaux rode heb liggen.

Terug naar “Laat je collectie zien”

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